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Cyber Attacks – Fighting Crime on the Screens!

Date: Thursday, March 7, 2019 Date: Thursday, March 7, 2019 Time: 07:45 - 09:15 Location: Gusto, 16 Bothwell St, Glasgow G2 6NU

This is a past event

At our March breakfast we were fortunate enough to have double the expertise on Cyber Security when Ian Kerr and Cary Hendricks from ID Cyber Solutions came to present on Cyber Attacks – Fighting Crime on the Screens!

Ian set the scene by telling us that cyber security failure can lead to the loss or near loss of a company. A scary thought, however Cary then took us through ways to shore up our defences and provided an array of tips to look out for including:

  • Pay attention to subtle changes in domain names such as a double letter instead of one
  • An email demanding a swift response and often on a Friday afternoon
  • Use 2-step verification where possible
  • Make sure software updates are installed within 14 days
  • Don’t accept the password given to you, always select your own

Cary asked “Do you know if your business is secure and does it conform to the minimum security level?” He talked us through the Cyber Essentials Scheme which is a set of baseline technical controls produced by the UK Government and industry to help organisations, large and small, public and private, improve their defences and demonstrate publicly their commitment to cyber security.

Taking part in the Cyber Essentials Scheme results in a certificate that demonstrates your organisation conforms to the minimum security level and is a must for competing for public procurement contracts.

Cary showed a video of a real case study of a company identity theft and the ramifications were quite frightening. However Cary also provided simple pointers on how to secure our business and a number of links to help shore up our cyber defences:

Cyber Essentials:  (discount code CYBER10)

Scottish Cyber Voucher:

Cyber Incident Handler course (20-22 March):

Checking if an account has been compromised:

Password managers:

Ian and Cary opened up the floor to a busy Q&A session where many examples of cyber breaches and substantial financial losses to scammers were discussed. The professional advice if you have any suspicions is to always contact the police, and never make any payments without following up the request with a phone call to ask a question that only an involved party would be able to answer.

Thanks to Ian and Cary for such an in depth presentation and great tips and advice on how to keep our businesses secure.

Next month we welcome back Dr Jillian Ney, the UK’s first Dr of Social Media and a Digital Behavioural Scientist who will be covering Three Behavioural Insights to Optimise Your Communications without Creeping Out Your Customers.

Jillian is a popular speaker so book early to secure your place for the 4th April event.

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