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Scottish Terroir: Taste, Trends and Tourism

Date: Thursday, July 2, 2015 Date: Thursday, July 2, 2015 Time: 07:45 - 09:15 Location: Corinthian Club, Glasgow

This is a past event

2015 is another inspirational year and celebrates ‘Year of Food & Drink Scotland’, ‘International Year of Light’ and ‘International Year of Soils’.   After the successes of 2014 hospitality in Scotland has an air of confidence and our guest presenter Ewan Henderson, founder of Scotch Broth Events, asked the audience “what’s next?”

Ewan started by setting the scene; he spoke about how our earth has changed over millions of years from ‘Gondwanaland’ in the beginning, through to the ice age and how this has shaped Geoscience.  The makeup of Scotland includes soil, climate, terrain and geology.

With Scotland’s landmass made up of over 11,000 miles of coastland and 790 islands there is much to harvest on land as well as in our waters.  75% of all raspberries produced in the UK come from Perth and our calamari and sea bass are world-renowned.  The jet stream also plays a large part in what we harvest as it dictates our all year round mild climate – ideal for farming.

Ewan has harnessed the creativity the Scots have and combined that with the best food scientists in world, who are here in Scotland, to help cultivate his innovative approach to food.

Ewan has travels the world talking about and promoting Scottish food and drink.  The global demand for artisan produce is high and he has found markets for many small Scottish producers; for example the Far East particularly like crafted and quality produce from our shores.

The captivated #CommsBreakfast audience were also treated to the ‘pop corn’ challenge, where we had to decide which of two boxes of popcorn were the sweeter?  This was all about the colour of the boxes being different and the brain being tricked into thinking the brighter red box was sweeter, when in fact they were both the same – “who knew”!

There were also many stats bandied about telling us which countries had the highest percentage of gluten allergies and where lactose intolerance was a problem.  However, one stat in particular caught my eye; in the UK only 3% of the population are vegetarians whereas in China this is an astonishing 31% – maybe they have less meat available there.

From a business perspective we are seeing more and more opportunities for the creative industries and food science sector to collaborate with those in hospitality, here and abroad to go beyond the ‘norm’ and create real taste experiences in creative spaces.

Scotland has a great history and a very diverse background in food and drink.  It is up to us to experiment and challenge ourselves and others to make use of the great produce and stories we have here on our doorstep.  We are very grateful to Ewan Henderson, founder of Scotch Broth Events, for sharing his experiences with us and introducing us to new emerging global tastes.