Productizing a service: Making a recurring revenue business model…a reality

Date: Thursday, November 1, 2018 Date: Thursday, November 1, 2018 Time: 07:45 - 09:15 Location: Gusto, 16 Bothwell St, Glasgow G2 6NU

Productizing a service: Making a recurring revenue business model…a reality

The recurring revenue business model is the dream many service-based companies strive for. At our November Communications Breakfast, we welcome business owner Andrew Duncan, who’s doing just that with his technology company SwarmOnLine.

Andrew is making this a reality and pivoting SwarmOnline, from service to software as a service and has promised to share his approach on how to achieve this.

Like anything else in business there are always challenges in making change, especially those that affect our customers and how we pitch our business to them. Andrew started SwarmOnline from his living room just 6 years ago, a business which has grown rapidly to become one of the leading App and touch screen technology companies in Scotland, working with organizations including Shell, Clydesdale Bank, NHS and Panasonic. No doubt there are stories to be told and we look forward to hearing about the successes and mishaps Andrew and his team has had over the last few years.

During his journey Andrew has also lectured at a prestigious tech conference in Silicon Valley as the only UK speaker, written two text books used as technical bibles by developers around the world, completed a number of acquisitions, bought over a struggling deli, launched a new start-up company ‘CU Soar’ (mobile apps for credit unions) and set up a parent company for his businesses.

To hear more about his entrepreneurial approach to business and his story of success and failure, BOOK now for the Nov 1st Event…the last of the 2018 series!

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