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BLOG: New GDPR Laws – Damned if we do, Damned if we don’t?

Date: Thursday, February 1, 2018 Date: Thursday, February 1, 2018 Time: 07:45 - 09:15 Location: Gusto, 16 Bothwell Street G2 6NU

This is a past event

New Year…New Breakfast…New Data Protection Laws!

We kicked off 2018 with the hot topic GDPR.

We welcomed David Reilly Director of Create Ts and Cs to the floor. David looked into his GDPR crystal ball to help guide us through the use of data and to discuss what the new laws could mean for businesses and individuals.

He opened by highlighting the main areas to consider:

  • Willingness to embrace GDPR
  • Company action (IT)
  • Data management
  • Liability management

David delivered a dry topic in his usual animated and conversational style – perfect for the 80 strong audience who soaked up every tip David provided. He described the misuse of data (i.e. fraud and identity theft) as modern day pick pocketing!

We all need to make a social change in the way we store and use data, however this does not need to be too cumbersome. Yes it’s a pain in the neck but a lot of it is just plain common sense. David challenged the audience to consider; “I have this data but do I need it all?” and asked us to “think about the impact on the individual if data is stolen”.

Everyone can take simple steps to keep only the data they use, and via readily available software and storage devices encrypt it. “It’s a social change that soon will become habit” said David.

There were many questions throughout the breakfast and rather than a presentation we had an open discussion with a wide variety of concerns raised and addressed including; policy, legal, wifi, what if’s, sharing of data and so on.

David had all angles covered and we had to put the brakes on to get wrapped up and finish in time! I’m sure there are many people who attended the event who will now be a lot clearer about GDPR and how to prepare for the coming changes in the law.

A big thank you goes to David and should you need to follow up with him please feel free to email him:

Next breakfast on 1st March; Glasgow 2018 European Championships with Michelle McGinty, Head of Strategic Communications for the Games. Book Now