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Managing Emotions Intelligently

Date: Thursday, June 2, 2011 Date: Thursday, June 2, 2011 Time: 07:45 - 09:00 Location: Corinthian Club

This is a past event

Paul Fletcher

Our Communications Breakfast might have been a sedate affair; an event where everything was in order and all emotions were in check, the speaker delivering a pragmatic and informative presentation.

Not exactly!  Yes, Paul Fletcher of Edinburgh University Business School delivered a pragmatic and informative presentation but he also demonstrated his wit, wisdom and depth of knowledge. He had the 150 strong audience laughing and left us with lots to ponder, some of it not about his passion for erm…’skinny dipping’.

Paul provided us with some really valuable insights:

It was disappointing to hear that research shows that although Emotional Intelligence (EI) is being used, it’s not that visible from a business perspective. Admittedly a few leading brands such as M&S, Tesco and Honda use it.  Take a look at their ads and it’s obvious that they resonate with their target audience –due to their investment in EI.

So what can Emotional Intelligence actually deliver from a business perspective?  Paul asked us “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to measure”:

  • Emotional content of your advertising
  • Emotional impact of your advertising
  • Staff pulse on a daily basis
  • Brand value impact on specific audiences
  • Staff morale deeply
  • The contributors to stress
  • Motivation pre and post change

If you did know this, how valuable would this information be, how far ahead of your competitors would you be?  Paul demonstrated that, EI can do all this. The key to making it effective is to embrace EI as a workable concept and to integrate it into your strategy.

Paul applies their model with a number of key clients. They’re working with the SFA to find out which football team has the happiest fans (It’s not Hearts).  They do this by monitoring Twitter, Blogs, websites…looking for specifics and pulling out emotions. They create an emotional ‘heat map’.  From this they aggregate data to define the happiest fans.  How powerful is this information?  Imagine if you knew your target audience this intimately, what couldn’t you achieve?

Paul summed it up:

  • Emotion drives behaviour & not otherwise
  • Emotion is dynamic
  • Engagement is a major issue
  • Emotion can be analysed at the atomic level now

If you’ve got a problem you are trying to solve, Emotional Intelligence can help you.

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