Events; how do the numbers stack up?

Date: Thursday, March 5, 2015 Date: Thursday, March 5, 2015 Time: 07:45 - 09:15 Location: The Corinthian Club, Glasgow

This is a past event

“Well the numbers certainly stacked up this Month! – a superb turnout”

At our March Breakfast our resident host Julian Westaby took centre stage.

It’s been four years since the Communications Breakfast took over our lives and what better way to celebrate than with an insight into the Comms Breakfast and what goes on behind the scenes in bringing an event such as this together.

Events can be one of the best ways to build your profile and expand your business, they can help you reach a new audience and increase awareness for your brand.  Events create the opportunity for you to educate and share information about your products and services with potential customers.

Julian has a long pedigree in event design, management and implementation spanning back over 25 years working with small events and SME’s through to corporate giants such as Coke-Cola, ScottishPower, National Australia Group and O2.

The Communications Breakfast is now a brand in it’s own right but regardless of the size and ‘flavour’ there is a strategy and process behind each and every successful event and Julian spent a chuck of his presentation guiding us through it:

  • Set the scene – create a hook ahead of your event when advertising it
  • Have a structure – be clear with your audience so they know what the agenda is and your expectations of them are
  • Offer something of value – provide top tips and useful information on your topic
  • Have the right database – spend time building your database and keep it up to date…”it’s king”
  • Craft your content – think “why would someone be interested in what I have to say”
  • Use knowledgeable and experienced speakers – the right person with the right presence will entertain as well as educate
  • Do your research – into your audience and your topic to make content relevant
  • Location – make it perfect in every way with comfortable surroundings and quality catering
  • ROI – follow up with attendees after the event and keep communication alive, this is how you grow your database further and ultimately create new opportunities for your business

We were also told that you don’t necessarily have to apply this strategy to your own event, it can also be applied to other event opportunities such as:

  • Taking a stand at a larger Expo event
  • Sponsoring an awards ceremony
  • Taking a table and entertaining guests at a business dinner

Julian’s presentation left the audience in no doubt that events can certainly raise profile and provide the opportunity to engage with your customers, and there were several case studies flashed up on screen such as an 1980’s themed event Creating Sparks ran for O2 when they wanted to launch their O2ville to a business audience – very creative.

If you want to find out more about the possibilities of running your own event then drop Julian an email @ – I’m sure he’ll be glad to help.

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