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Events Postponed due to Covid 19

In light of updated Government policy and to do our part to help reduce the spread of Covid-19, we have unfortunately had to take the decision to postpone Breakfast events for the foreseeable future.

BLOG: Unleashing the presentation skills that could change your life

“Become the public speaker you’ve always dreamed of being!”

Yes, dreams can come true… and did when we kicked off our 2020 programme with presentation coach, award winning broadcaster and documentary director, Russell Walker of Russell Walker Training.

10 things to know about Glasgow

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce is all about supporting members and championing Glasgow. At our November event Chamber deputy chief executive Richard Muir brought us up to date with Glasgow Chamber’s activities and revealed 10 things that you probably didn’t know about your city, Glasgow.

Gut Health for Business Performance: Reduce stress; improve mood, motivation and business results

At the October breakfast we look forward to catching up and hearing from the ‘Motivational Dude’ aka Ross Anderson talking about “Gut health = business health”. Ross is a psychologist and wellbeing expert who specialises in human optimisation. He helps people enhance their mind and body thus elevating their health, happiness and performance.

Brand safety in online advertising

How and where targeted display banner advertising appears on websites can be a murky business. All too often, advertisers are in the dark about the potential pitfalls of banner ads, (also know as ‘programmatic advertising’).

Summer Break

There are no bookings being taken at this point. Thank you

BLOG: The STV Growth Fund – innovative support for business and entrepreneurs

Scotland’s largest marketing platform, STV, has launched an innovative support initiative for Scottish businesses, particularly SMEs, to encourage entrepreneurship and business growth. At our June event we welcomed STV MD of Broadcasting Bobby Hain along with Danielle Kelly, Director of Strategic Partnerships to talk about the Fund.

BLOG: Innovation in the Wilderness

Many of you will know Paul Fletcher from his past appearances over the last eight years, so it’s great to have him back.

Paul, not only has long and established career working in innovation, he lives and breathes innovation with unquestionable passion and arguably he leads innovation practice in Scotland. We look forward to hearing what he’s been up to since he last spoke with stories from his world.

BLOG: Three Behavioural Insights to Optimise Your Communications without Creeping Out Your Customers

Have you ever been chased around the internet by an ad for a product you just looked at? Maybe you’ve spoken about a brand and then you see them and their products everywhere? The creepiness factor in marketing is rising as more customers learn about how their data is used. At our April Breakfast we welcomed back Dr Jillian Ney, the UK’s first Dr of Social Media and Digital Behavioural Scientist. Jillian looked at three data driven behavioural insights to help you prime your customer’s attention without creeping them out:

– Purchase drivers
– Barriers to purchase
– Heuristics

Cyber Attacks – Fighting Crime on the Screens!

At our March breakfast we were fortunate enough to have double the expertise on Cyber Security when Ian Kerr and Cary Hendricks from ID Cyber Solutions came to present on Cyber Attacks – Fighting Crime on the Screens!

Why do we need inclusive leadership?

Why do we need inclusive leadership?

At our first breakfast of 2019 we welcomed back Jane Gotts co-founder and Director of GenAnalytics Ltd, a data insights consultancy focused on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Winter Break

SORRY, WE ARE NOT TAKING ANY BOOKINGS JUST NOW. We would like to wish everyone a very warm winter and all the best for 2020.

Productizing a service: Making a recurring revenue business model…a reality

Productizing a service: Making a recurring revenue business model…a reality

The recurring revenue business model is the dream many service-based companies strive for. At our November Communications Breakfast, we welcome business owner Andrew Duncan, who’s doing just that with his technology company SwarmOnLine.

BLOG: Be a Communication Hero: Transform the way you understand yourself and other people

We are all involved in workplace communications but are we getting it right, for our best asset – our people? Companies readily invest in their external communications, but how well do they invest in their internal communications?

At the October Breakfast we welcome back Liz Muir, Co-founder of Muir Slicer Limited who will be asking: “How do we improve internal communications, and what difference does it make anyway?”

BLOG: CrowdAssets – How Policy Makers are embracing the crowd

We are all aware of Crowdfunding but do we really understand how our businesses can benefit from it? At our September breakfast we see the return of Crowfunding expert Tim Wright co founder and Director of Twintangibles a UK based management consultancy that helps organisations create value through accessing the crowd economy.

BLOG: Living the brand – A deeper dive into brand components

At the August Communications Breakfast we are going interactive with you, the audience!

Have you ever wondered what components of a brand make it such a success, and how can I have this success for my business?

Think no longer – Communications Breakfast host Julian Westaby moves into ‘presenter’ mode. Julian, Director and Co-founder of branding and marketing agency ‘Creating Sparks’ will be running a live mini brand workshop – a first for the Communications Breakfast.

BLOG: A mindful approach to business – Practical health tips for the professional

“Don’t skip breakfast, cut down on coffee, go for a walk…” we are all familiar with the healthy messages, but how realistic are they to implement?

At the July breakfast we look forward to hearing, for the first time, from the ‘Motivational Dude’ aka Ross Anderson. Ross is a psychologist and wellbeing expert who specialises in human optimisation. He helps people enhance their mind and body thus elevating their health, happiness and performance.

BLOG: The Circular Economy – Think differently and look at the $trillion opportunity

There is no question that the recent BBC Blue Planet series made people stop, reflect and take action! We are seeing activity weekly in the media of government and businesses’ reactions at both a policy and operational level around plastics consumption.

At our June breakfast we welcomed for the first time Alison McRae, Senior Director at Glasgow Chamber of Commerce where she is responsible for a portfolio of strategic partnerships – working across a range of organisations, which seek to innovate and anticipate new opportunities for Glasgow and its business community.

BLOG: Innovation Update – stories from the coal face

“An organisation lives or dies simply by how it deals with the process of innovation” – The words of top innovator Paul Fletcher head of Enabling Innovation.

Paul, making is fourth Comms Breakfast appearance at May’s event spoke about working from the ‘Bottom Up’ in business, effectively working at the coalface.

BLOG: 50 years of Reporting Scotland

It first flickered on to our screens exactly 50 years ago and it has remained at the heart of Scottish news broadcasting ever since. Join BBC Scotland’s Jackie Bird at the April Communications Breakfast as she looks back over half a century of Reporting Scotland, from its earliest days in black and white to today, where it remains the most watched televised news programme in Scotland.

BLOG: Glasgow 2018 European Championships

The Moment is Coming: The Year of a New Era in World Sport

Already four years on from the Commonwealth Games and again we see Glasgow staging one of the biggest sporting events of the year – The

European Championships in conjunction with Berlin. Exciting or what!

BLOG: New GDPR Laws – Damned if we do, Damned if we don’t?

We kicked off 2018 with the hot topic GDPR.

We welcomed David Reilly Director of Create Ts and Cs to the floor. David looked into his GDPR crystal ball to help guide us through the use of data and to discuss what the new laws could mean for businesses and individuals.

We are on our winter break – back in February…

WE ARE NOT TAKING ANY BOOKINGS JUST NOW for February. We would like to wish everyone a very warm winter and we’ll be back in touch soon with details of the next Breakfast taking place in February 2018.

The Law of Social Media

Social media has provided companies with the opportunity to engage directly with their customers and clients and has helped them communicate their brand message in an undiluted manner. However the use of social media also creates the possibility for negative messages to be sent directly to a company’s followers and therefore creates the opportunity for a carefully constructed brand to be badly damaged.

BLOG: Changing Face of Media in the Digital Age

The UK media scene is changing at an exponential rate. Due to advancements in digital technology, outdoor, radio, TV and online advertising is offering brands an even richer creative landscape to market within.

BLOG: Glasgow’s vision; what it means for business

At the September breakfast we welcomed back Stuart Patrick, Chief Executive of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce who shared his perspective on where Glasgow is heading and what this may mean for our business community.

BLOG: Fake News; The Real Story

Fake news has rarely been out the real news since the election of Donald Trump, and our speaker, Charles McGhee, former editor of The Herald and Evening Times in Glasgow, opened his presentation with the headline “Trump – any news he doesn’t like he dismisses as fake news”

Intellectual Property; Look but don’t touch

Are you aware our intellectual property is a transboundary resource and for SMEs it is being increasingly undermined…and do you have a strategy in place to keep up with its dramatic change in recent years?

BLOG: Brand Communities and Consumer Tribes

“Customer emotion is more effective than customer satisfaction” – the opening statement to June’s breakfast from one of Scotland’s top marketing professionals, Claire Dunning.

BLOG: Back to the Present – technology in 2035 and Now!

At our May breakfast we look forward to welcoming Gillian Docherty, CEO of The Data Lab, an innovation centre helping organisations leverage the value of data for economic and social benefit.

Walking the talk – meaningful storytelling

Thanks to Marjorie Calder (Director of OceanBlue Consulting), born to be in PR, for her engaging presentation. From a background in psychology and investment, she turned feral and was a Daily Record feature writer and agony aunt for 7 years before becoming a Director of The BIG Partnership for the next 12, managing creative teams and resources while working with brands large and small.

How to be a rainmaker

Rather than doing a ‘rain dance’ we invited back Co-Founder and Chief Executive of ‘Kissing with Confidence’ Russell Wardrop to the March Communications Breakfast at it’s new home in Gusto, and a top venue it turned out to be.

BLOG: The changing face of news

At our first breakfast of 2017 we welcomed BBC Scotland to present for the first time.

The Comms Events are on their Winter Break

We would like to wish everyone a very warm winter and we’ll be back in touch in the new year.

BLOG: Kissing Frogs – Open Innovation and a Revolution in Project Management

At our last breakfast of 2016 we welcomed back Comms Crooner and all round innovator Paul Fletcher.

As usual Paul dived in with a quick dig at host Julian (that’s me!)…in response to the intro I gave him. Jokes aside Paul, who heads up ‘Enabling Innovation’, set the scene talking about innovation coming from successful ‘internal communications’. “It’s about providing staff with the opportunity to contribute their ideas to a business”. We heard how companies like 3M give their staff 15% paid free time a week, just to think…

BLOG – Training’s not Plain Sailing… Don’t make your Training and Development Journey a chore

Is your training and development an investment or a cost; an enjoyable, worthwhile experience or a chore; valuable use of time or an interruption to productivity? At the October Breakfast we welcome Liz Muir of Muir Slicer who will help us understand how to choose the right training and development and how to measure its usefulness for you.

Blog – Finding the Secret Triggers to Creating Shareable Content

Fact – Social media has revolutionised the way we communicate and how we consume information. For businesses, this has changed advertising from broadcast communications designed to interrupt, to immersive, two-way experiences where the audience co-creates value and messages. Once again we welcome back the top Dr of Social Media Jillian Ney who will be revealing the Secret Triggers to Creating Sharable Content.

BLOG: Glasgow Airport – the cornerstones of values based leadership

In the year when Glasgow Airport celebrates 50 years we were delighted to welcome Airport MD Amanda McMillan OBE to the breakfast.

Amanda and her team at the airport have recently been voted Europe’s Best Airport following the enhancement of its facilities, improving the passenger experience and securing a host of new routes and services.

Beyond the logo: Building Competitive Brand Strategies

Can you say, hand on heart that your brand is in line with who you are and what you do?

In a crowded market place we have to stay ahead of the game to remain competitive and this includes our services as well as our brand.

BLOG – “Please, NO more social media blunders!”

At our June breakfast we delved into what quickly unfolded as a complex world of staff use of social media and the impact this has on a brand.

Katy Wedderburn, Partner with MacRoberts and specialist in Employment Law discussed protecting the brand, be it dealing with defamation, misconduct and cyber bullying and striking a balance between legitimate business interests and invasion of privacy.

BLOG – Cyber Security Buzzword Bingo… Have I bored you already?

How about a jargon free journey to making your business more secure

Fed up hearing about security breaches on businesses similar to yours? Is there any escape; TalkTalk, Target and Ashley Madison have all fallen foul – where next? Are the Chinese government about to hack your ice-cream van, or worse??

BLOG – “From genomes to smartphones: all about the tablets?”

BLOG – Nations all over the world are facing the same inexorable challenges – affordable quality of life for growing numbers of older citizens, who must cope with a rising incidence of chronic disease(s). Individuals (both as consumers and taxpayers) and Governments are worrying about the projected cost of necessary health and care services.

Womenomics: The theory that women play a primary role in economic growth

We were delighted our March guest Professor Lesley Sawers was able to take time out of a busy schedule to share with us the findings of a report she undertook for the UK Government Scotland Office – ‘The Sawers Review 2015’. The report set out a clear action plan and set of recommendations to help achieve goals in relation to women’s contribution to the economy. Including identifying specific areas linked to measurement, mentoring and mainstreaming. Many of the reports recommendations have already been implemented by the UK and Scottish Governments.

Glasgow; A City of Culture, Art & Design and now Science

Glasgow is a city of transformation. From the Glasgow born scientists and engineers that kick-started the industrial revolution to its cultural reinvention in the 1990s and now a city at the forefront of the new revolutions in science and technology; Glasgow has never stood still.

The Comms Events are on their Winter Break

WE ARE NOT TAKING ANY BOOKINGS JUST NOW for February. We would like to wish everyone a very warm winter and we’ll be back in touch soon with details of the next Breakfast taking place in February 2018.

Experiments in Innovation

“Can innovative experiments, failing and reshaping along the way, help us to drive our businesses forward?”

Are our markets static or are we, as businesses, evolving in any way? If so, can we use innovation to provide increased awareness of this evolution and also arm us with a variety of adaptations which could work to differentiate us from the herd?

Working the Crowd

The benefits of crowd economy for your business

The crowd economy is creating waves, making the headlines and disrupting every sector. At the same time it is opening up new opportunities to create value and change the way we work.

Fancy a Square go?

We don’t do City Squares. Scotland needs a proper “square go”!

“These unique spaces, where other populations meet in times of national celebration, contemplation or crisis just don’t perform that function here at home.” Say’s SCDI’s Chief Executive Ross Martin. Come to the September Breakfast and hear what Ross has to say about our city squares or lack of them.

New Venue, New Brand; Development process of launching a new venue

At our August Breakfast we continued our summer of celebration to coincide with the Year of Food and Drink Scotland. Not only was it our 50th breakfast event it’s also 5 Years since the Corinthian Club re-launch and the up and coming launch of the new Cotton Club Casino.

Scottish Terroir: Taste, Trends and Tourism

Introducing a new food landscape – terroir beyond wine. How we can harness for food & drink hospitality, design, technology and creative experiences.

2015 is another inspirational year and celebrates ‘Year of Food & Drink Scotland’, ‘International Year of Light’ and ‘International Year of Soils’ and after the successes of last year, hospitality in Scotland has an air of confidence, however our guest presenter Ewan Henderson founder of Scotch Broth Events asks “what next?”

Thank you to Stewart at Great Scot Photography for photographing the events, and to for providing video equipment.