Thursday, October 2, 2014 Thursday, October 2, 2014. 07:45 - 09:15

What Next for Glasgow?

Presented by
Stuart Patrick

Now that the Commonwealth Games are past and the party is over, what does the future hold for Glasgow, its economy and its business community?

Our guest speaker Stuart Patrick, Chief Executive of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce will ask “what should the leadership of the city and its business community be doing next to exploit what Glasgow achieved during the Games?”

Location : The Corinthian Club, Glasgow

The Communications Breakfast is a Dunning - Creating Sparks initiative designed to provide a networking forum to help our clients share knowledge, learn from each other and do business together. Each month we have a guest speaker who presents on a topical communication related issue. The events are held in The Corinthian Club Glasgow on the first Thursday of every month. We look forward to welcoming businesses that we can network with and achieve mutual business growth.

"The Communications Breakfast has become an essential part of our Networking activities. The variety of high calibre speakers every month attracts a wide audience of business professionals, and it is precisely that group of people with whom we are seeking to engage." - David Flint (Partner, MacRoberts LLP)

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Tackling Scottish Issues Through Leadership

What do you do when faced by a wicked, complex problem like Violence? Traditional criminal justice solutions have often been short term, expensive and do little to prevent violence occurring. Can you approach this problem in an innovative way, and encourage those who think it not their problem, to take an active involvement?


The Value of Brand Culture

“Ever increasing ‘blurred lines’ between Brand and Culture” was how Julian introduced his presentation on ‘The Value of Brand Culture’ at the August Communications Breakfast.


There’s an app for that: apps that deliver for business

This months breakfast saw a great crowd turn out despite it being the first week of the school holidays – obviously the topic of ‘Apps’ is high up on the priority list of things to learn about, and we weren’t disappointed.
At our July breakfast we will be exploring what apps really are and how they can benefit our businesses. Our guest speaker is Dr Scott Sherwood, a technical fanatic who loves great design.