Thursday, April 4, 2019 Thursday, April 4, 2019. 07:45 - 09:15

Three Behavioural Insights to Optimise Your Communications without Creeping Out Your Customers

Presented by
Jillian Ney

Have you ever been chased around the internet by an ad for a product you just looked at? Maybe you’ve spoken about a brand and then you see them and their products everywhere? The creepiness factor in marketing is rising as more customers learn about how their data is used. At our April Breakfast we welcome back Dr Jillian Ney, the UK’s first Dr of Social Media and Digital Behavioural Scientist. Jillian will look at three data driven behavioural insights that help you to prime your customer’s attention without creeping them out.

Location : Gusto, 16 Bothwell St, Glasgow G2 6NU

The Communications Breakfast is a Creating Sparks initiative designed to provide a networking forum to help our clients share knowledge, learn from each other and do business together. Each month we have a guest speaker who presents on a topical communication related issue. The events are held in Gusto in Glasgow on the first Thursday of every month. We look forward to welcoming businesses that we can network with and achieve mutual business growth.

"The Communications Breakfast has become an essential part of our Networking activities. The variety of high calibre speakers every month attracts a wide audience of business professionals, and it is precisely that group of people with whom we are seeking to engage." - David Flint (Partner, MacRoberts LLP)

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Cyber Attacks – Fighting Crime on the Screens!

At our March breakfast we were fortunate enough to have double the expertise on Cyber Security when Ian Kerr and Cary Hendricks from ID Cyber Solutions came to present on Cyber Attacks – Fighting Crime on the Screens!


Why do we need inclusive leadership?

Why do we need inclusive leadership?

At our first breakfast of 2019 we welcomed back Jane Gotts co-founder and Director of GenAnalytics Ltd, a data insights consultancy focused on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Winter Break

WE ARE NOT TAKING ANY BOOKINGS JUST NOW for February. We would like to wish everyone a very warm winter and we’ll be back in touch soon with details of the next Breakfast taking place in February 2019.