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Thursday, March 5, 2020 Thursday, March 5, 2020. 07:45 - 09:15

Unleashing the presentation skills that could change your life

Presented by
Russell Walker

Become the public speaker you’ve always dreamed of being!

We kick off 2020 with presentation coach, award winning broadcaster and documentary director, Russell Walker of Russell Walker Training.

Location : Gusto, Bothwell Street, Glasgow

The Communications Breakfast is a Creating Sparks initiative designed to provide a networking forum to help our clients share knowledge, learn from each other and do business together. Each month we have a guest speaker who presents on a topical communication related issue. The events are held in Gusto in Glasgow on the first Thursday of every month. We look forward to welcoming businesses that we can network with and achieve mutual business growth.

"The Communications Breakfast has become an essential part of our Networking activities. The variety of high calibre speakers every month attracts a wide audience of business professionals, and it is precisely that group of people with whom we are seeking to engage." - David Flint (Partner, MacRoberts LLP)

There are no upcoming events.

10 things to know about Glasgow

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce is all about supporting members and championing Glasgow. At our November event Chamber deputy chief executive Richard Muir brought us up to date with Glasgow Chamber’s activities and revealed 10 things that you probably didn’t know about your city, Glasgow.


Gut Health for Business Performance: Reduce stress; improve mood, motivation and business results

At the October breakfast we look forward to catching up and hearing from the ‘Motivational Dude’ aka Ross Anderson talking about “Gut health = business health”. Ross is a psychologist and wellbeing expert who specialises in human optimisation. He helps people enhance their mind and body thus elevating their health, happiness and performance.


Brand safety in online advertising

How and where targeted display banner advertising appears on websites can be a murky business. All too often, advertisers are in the dark about the potential pitfalls of banner ads, (also know as ‘programmatic advertising’).