Thursday, June 2, 2016 Thursday, June 2, 2016. 07:45 - 09:15

“Please, NO more social media blunders!”

Presented by
Katy Wedderburn

How to avoid the pitfalls of social media use by employees

Employers increasingly need to be innovative in how they develop appropriate policies and recruitment procedures. More and more employees use digital means to spread the word about business, as well as their lives. Can they be kept distinct? Reckless use of social media by employees can significantly damage the employer’s brand.

Location : The Corinthian Club, Glasgow

The Communications Breakfast is a Creating Sparks initiative designed to provide a networking forum to help our clients share knowledge, learn from each other and do business together. Each month we have a guest speaker who presents on a topical communication related issue. The events are held in The Corinthian Club Glasgow on the first Thursday of every month. We look forward to welcoming businesses that we can network with and achieve mutual business growth.

"The Communications Breakfast has become an essential part of our Networking activities. The variety of high calibre speakers every month attracts a wide audience of business professionals, and it is precisely that group of people with whom we are seeking to engage." - David Flint (Partner, MacRoberts LLP)

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How about a jargon free journey to making your business more secure

Fed up hearing about security breaches on businesses similar to yours? Is there any escape; TalkTalk, Target and Ashley Madison have all fallen foul – where next? Are the Chinese government about to hack your ice-cream van, or worse??


BLOG – “From genomes to smartphones: all about the tablets?”

BLOG – Nations all over the world are facing the same inexorable challenges – affordable quality of life for growing numbers of older citizens, who must cope with a rising incidence of chronic disease(s). Individuals (both as consumers and taxpayers) and Governments are worrying about the projected cost of necessary health and care services.


Womenomics: The theory that women play a primary role in economic growth

We were delighted our March guest Professor Lesley Sawers was able to take time out of a busy schedule to share with us the findings of a report she undertook for the UK Government Scotland Office – ‘The Sawers Review 2015’. The report set out a clear action plan and set of recommendations to help achieve goals in relation to women’s contribution to the economy. Including identifying specific areas linked to measurement, mentoring and mainstreaming. Many of the reports recommendations have already been implemented by the UK and Scottish Governments.